01 – Avanti Sempre Avanti – Introduction

(This is our tale based on our adventures whilst striving to create a new life for ourselves in Bella Italia, however to protect individuals’ privacy a number of names and places and certain details have been altered.)  

I have always felt Italian. 

I do have Italian family Roots. My mother’s family came from the beautiful ancient region of Ciociaria in Central Italy.  However they chose to leave Italy and travel in search of a new way of life. In 1911 they arrived in London and they found an place to call their home in the district of Clerkenwell. Here a bustling  Italian community had developed over the years.

little italy, clerkenwell, london
Herbal Hill in Little Italy, Clerkenwell, London

Here my mother was born in 192o. Here she was married in St Peter’s Italian Church in Clerkenwell Road. 

wedding, st peters italian church, clerkenwell
My parents’ wedding at St Peter’s Italian Church, Clerkenwell, London

 Here also I was baptised. I  was born closeby in the heart of the City of London.

clerkenwell, london, little italy
My Grandparents and three of their children

My mother would often fondly recount stories of her childhood in Clerkenwell.  I needed to see Atina for myself so Paul and I began planning a trip there. We started going to night-school to learn some Italian. As soon as we arrived in Atina I felt so at home there. 

Atina, val di comino, Frosinone
Atina in the Val di Comino, Frosinone

Thus began our irresistible love affair with “La Bella Italia”

which finally inspired us to risk everything, sell up lock, stock and barrel

and entirely transform our lifestyle. 

Courageous?  Daring?  Reckless?  Foolhardy?  Naïve?  All of these ??? 

This is the tale of our diverse adventures,

exploits and escapades along the way. 

I hope you will enjoy following our progress …


#atina #italy #littleitaly #clerkenwell


Chapter 2  –  falling head over heels



One comment

  1. You have a charming story of how your family settled in England. Not unlike the other stories of the Italians in their quest for a better life so it is a similar one from many corners of the world.

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