08 – destination sperlonga / gaeta

Next day we eagerly pressed on southwards on the by-passing Rome, to Frosinone.  Then we headed off the motorway towards Priverno and Terracina and on to our final destination, the beautiful seaside resorts of Sperlonga and Gaeta.

We had nowhere pre-booked to stay, so we drove up and down the coast road  until we eventually succeeded in locating a campsite, positioned next to the sea, which was willing to accommodate campers with dogs.  As it was still April, the large site was virtually uninhabited – a ghost town of parked caravans, yet the price for a plot was rather expensive none-the-less.  Here we made camp for two nights, to give us time to consider our options.  During this time the weather was proving to be very changeable and during one night we weathered a terrifyingly turbulent thunderstorm. “Thank heavens we were not sheltering under canvas” we declared as we huddled together for comfort, still feeling a tad vulnerable as the deluge of rain battered down on the caravan’s tin can roof. 

Mercifully, by morning all the leaden rain clouds had been whisked away by the stiff blustery breeze.  We had decided to “up sticks” and drive along the coast road to a smaller campsite  near to Gaeta, which had been recommended to us by our Ialian friend Guido.  The owner, Salvatore, warmly greeted us and generously invited us to remain there, at least in the short term, since his site didn’t officially open until the month of June.  The scenic backdrop to the site was the steep rocky cliff face of Monte Moneta that dominates the bay and just a short stroll across the coast road was the vast expanse of golden sand, Sant’ Agostino beach

That evening, after a day’s work, Salvatore returned home to his family apartment in Sperlonga, leaving us to have the campsite just to ourselves. 

Sant' Agostino Beach
Sant’ Agostino Beach

Early each morning Paul and our “olde sea dogs” enjoyed going for a romp on the deserted sands and would return dripping wet from retrieving sticks and doggy paddling in the sea.

By day our son enjoyed lazily basking on the golden shore.


Chapter 9  –  happy campers



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