33 – early days in our new home

In the first few days everything at “Tre Cancelle” was very disorganised, it was a  real “boy scout” affair. 

But  day by day we achieved small goals and gradually conditions improved.  We were far more relaxed in our own surroundings and felt a sense of satisfaction with our slow but steady progress.    We cooked on the camping stove, which limited us to simple two pan recipes.  Oh, by the way – the rabbit went into the freezer, as we were not sure how best to cook it!

The weather had turned significantly colder, and one morning we were surprised to awake and discover that a sparkling blanket of snow swathed the olive groves, a very infrequent occurrence in this area we were told. 

The wood-burning stove ortermo camino” proved to be an insatiably hungry beast, consuming  copious amounts of wood to maintain a warm environment and hot water supply.  So each day we spent time scouring the grounds for more firewood, lugging and barrowing it up to the house and chopping it to size.


Chapter 33  –  the “woof-gang”


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